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The Islands

Each Island contains four levels and has its own theme and particular set of monsters. At the end of the fourth level of each Island there is a boss that you must kill in order to go to the next Island (actually, you can avoid killing him if you've collected all the diamonds in order - discussed later). Initially, there are 7 Islands. If you collect all the big diamonds (mentioned later) then 3 more Islands will appear. (In most of the home computer and console conversions, only the first 7 Islands exist, which is a bit sad.)

Descriptions and pictures of all the enemies on each Island are given here. Pictures for the first 7 Islands are from the PC version, captured by Dominic Holmes. The pictures for the secret Islands I captured from Jumping Islands in Raine.

Insect Island

The enemies on this Island are all insects or other little animals of some variety.


worm walks back and forth on its platform until it becomes angry, then it walks off its platform towards you
minosuke hangs in its bag and blows bubbles, changes into an angry worm if you go near it
bee flies around, doesn't follow you
bee hive a bee drops it, then more bees come out of it (2 on level 2, 3 on level 3)
spider bounces around nastily... look out for it climbing up its web and attacking you from below
beetle walks around until angry when it'll fly (through walls) towards you
crow starts off in an egg, then hatches and flies towards you in steps... speeds up when angry


Giant Spider Just wait for him (her?) to bounce down on his web. Make sure you're standing next to where he's going to land and rainbow him when he's near the ground. Jump on the rainbow after you shoot it to do more damage.

Combat Island

Enemies are tanks, helicopters, etc.


helicopter very similar to a bee
aeroplane flies back and forth while dropping bombs
truck similar to a worm but will go off its platform even if not angry
cannon moves back and forth along its platform... shoots nasty bouncing bombs
soldier in bunker the bunker stays still... when his eyes appear he shoots two bouncing bombs... if you shoot the bunker but not him he'll escape and follow you fast
tank drives back and forth, shoots bullets that go straight


Helicopter He flies back and forth at one altitude for a while before changing to your altitude and flying there for a while. So lure him to the bottom and then go above him and drop rainbows on him.

Monster Island

Enemies are draculas, werewolves, etc.


werewolf very similar to a tank
skeleton bounces quickly, follows you trying to bounce on you
frankenstein similar to a truck
bat follows you through walls
vampire starts as a purple bat, then changes into a vampire that shoots lightning at you... nasty
ghost flies around, drops fire on top of you when you're under it


Vampire Nasty. His bats will go through stationary rainbows but can be killed with shooting ones or falling ones. Jump up the left, shooting his bats as you go. Drop rainbows on him from above then go down the right, dodging and/or shooting the bats. Go under him and start from the left again.

Toy Island

Enemies are various sorts of toys.


water pistol similar to a tank
boxing glove similar to a skeleton
yellow ball bounces around, follows you and gets faster when angry
orange ball bounces around, follows you and gets faster when angry
claw stays in one place, reaches out and grabs periodically
clown spins and bounces around
spinning coin just flies back and forth across the screen, bouncing off other coins if there are any
teddy hangs on puppet strings until it becomes angry, then it heads towards you


Clown The big clown and his little clowns (up to four of them) just bounce around and don't aim for you, so you can see where they'll go. Just avoid them by walking back and forth along the bottom and shoot the big clown and he's near you.

Doh's Island

Island is based on the game Arkanoid and enemies are various things that appear on that game. The sounds change to Arkanoid sounds as well, instead of the usual sounds.


ball bounces around and follows you
rgb cluster bounces around
tetrahedron bounces around
cone floats around, changing direction as it collides with objects
cube floats around
card fly across the screen in groups, go through walls


Doh Doh doesn't move. Wait at the side of the screen for him to start firing the cards at you, then rainbow yourself over them and shoot him a few times. Keep doing that until he dies.

Robot Island

Enemies are various sorts of robots.


spanner similar to a clown, very fast
nut falls off platforms then flies up underneath you
bolt similar to a boxing glove, very fast
robot like a fast werewolf
robot head flies towards you in steps
another robot faster robot


Robot Try to get him a lot in the beginning by jumping up to the level he's on. He will adjust to your level after a while so try to lure him to the bottom and drop rainbows on him, but look out for his fireball spread and his nasty punch.

Dragon Island

Enemies are dragons, knights, etc.


acid blob like a nut but doesn't fly up under you
spirit flies around randomly
cyclops similar to a robot
dragon flies towards you in steps and also shoots at you
silver knight runs along platforms and jumps at you
gold knight runs along platforms and jumps at you
psycropus runs along platforms and jumps at you


Dragon He's cute but also nasty. Try to jump over him and get to the side to which he's not shooting, dropping rainbows on him as you go. This is a lot easier with the wings because you can fly around him easily.

Magical Island

Enemies are from the game Fairyland Story. The music changes to music from that game.


gnome travels back and forth on a platform and jumps up after you when you rise above it; shoots crescent moons; it also can walk on your rainbows.
kangaroo warrior bounces on levels like the springy boxing gloves on Toy Island.
bishop travels back and forth on a cloud, trying to stay above you so that he can drop fire on your head. Now and then he stops and releases four smaller bishops that also float around but don't shoot.
golem looks like a statue, it jumps on platforms like the kangaroos; it also carries bombs, which upon stopping on a level, will toss out hoping to explode on you (the bombs are actually black, I've made them grey so that they're visible on the black background).
spectre they fly downwards on an angle a lot like the cards on Doh's Island. They're not a threat, just don't crash into them.
caterpillar the most dangerous. These guys fly up from somewhere on the screen rather quickly following an arc, and then drop back down out of view. They're hard to hit, but luckily they don't shoot anything.


Demon A giant demon. He flies around on the screen in the same fashion as the Helibow on Combat Island, only much faster. He also carries a pitchfork which he throws out horizontally at you when you are level with him, one at a time. The best way to get rid of him is to either climb above him onto the platforms around the room and plant rainbows to knock down on him, or lure him to travel across a level, fall lower than him, and quickly climb up behind him throwing rainbows at his back.

Darius Island

This Island is based on the game Darius and all the enemies come from that game.


hopping machines bounce around like the knights on Dragon Island. After a bit, they shoot a spread shot consisting of three bullets which travel halfway across the screen at you.
robot cars Drive back and forth limited to the platform they're on. They also fire a one green bullet at a time which moves across the level until it hits a wall (or you). They can also travel over rainbows you leave behind.
flying robot cams They look like a cross between a spark plug and a squid; they hover back and forth on the available screen dropping green bullets. They also escalate when you get higher, trying to stay above you so their bullets will hit you. It's good to hit them with stars.
robot tanks They look like helmets with wheels, and they operate exactly the same as the robot cars, except they shoot a bigger and faster bullet.
gliders planes that drop down on an angle exactly like the panels from Doh's Island, except they're way faster.
flying saucers Circular ships that move around the available screen, rebounding off platforms when they hit them, somewhat like the vaus ball in Arkanoid. They hesitate momentarily and fire out a span of six green bullets every so often.
missile gun Fixed underneath certain levels, these guns fire an orange homing bullet that can travel an unlimited distance after Bubby. Your rainbows don't stop the shots, making these guys the tough ones to defeat.
bat copter Planes that follow after you and shoot at you, much like the dragons in Dragon Island.


Giant Electric Fan The Giant Battleship, "Electric Fan" which kind of resembles a cross between a hydra and a flower. He flies around the screen much like the giant vampire on Monster Island, but instead of shooting out bats when he hesitates, he fires a laser beam that goes horizontally across and out of the screen, accompanied by four small spaceships which fan out and drop down through the screen. Luckily, there are lots of small platforms in this stage which make it easy to jump up and hit him with your rainbows, but if he slowly corners you, his shots and seeker ships will make short work of Bubby.

Bubble Island

This Island is based on Bubble Bobble and all the enemies and music come from that game. Lots of the level structures are also from Bubble Bobble levels. There are bubbles on these levels that you can jump on to help you get up the screen.


banebou The springy guys from BB, they jump around exactly like the knights on Dragon Island.
zen-chan the wind-up guys from BB, they walk back and forth on levels, stopping every so often to fire a pellet horizontally across the screen.
pulpul the flying guys from BB, they hover aimlessly around the screen dropping bombs at random.
monsta the ghost-like tadpoles from BB, they fly around the screen, stopping at intervals to fire out a spreadshot of six skel-monstas which rapidly make their way out of view, and you can't stop them by shielding yourself with a rainbow, they crash right through it.
invader The Space Invaders from BB, they walk back and forth on a platform and fire a laser beam down at intervals.
mighta the phantom-type creatures that walk back and forth on platforms and send out a large red fireball at intervals.
drunk the witchy things from BB, they remain back and forth on a platform quite rapidly, stopping to fire out a spreadshot of six bottles (or hammers, or whatever they are).
hidegons the furry monsters from BB. They case a platform back and forth, and stop to shoot a pair of spinning fireballs which travel horizontally across the screen.


Dark Shadow
The giant bubble dragon, "Boss of Dark Shadow". He's a big bubble dragon wearing armour that takes up almost the entire screen, making it extremely difficult to avoid him. Fortunately, he only moves in small increments, making it possible to jump up onto one of the four available platforms to plant rainbows to knock down on him later. As he moves, he shoots giant bubbles trying to trap you in one. Once you manage to defeat him, his body deteriorates into a skeleton, but his head remains as a giant Skel-monsta! Then, he tracks you as he does in BB, but since he's so big, cornering Bubby isn't so easy, and you can continue planting rainbows to knock down on him and get rid of him.

Finishing the Game

To finish the game you must complete all the Islands. But you haven't really saved the people... you must get to the real ending.

The Real Ending

As with Bubble Bobble, there is a REAL ending that you find out about when you think you've already got to the ending. Collect a little diamond of each colour (i.e. 7 different ones) on each of the seven Islands to get a big diamond at the end of each Island. Get a big diamond on each Island and once you have got to the normal end of the game, three secret Islands will appear.

Complete these secret Islands and get the three mirrors from these Islands (by collecting 7 little diamonds as usual) to get the real ending! The three mirrors reflect a beam of light and the seven diamonds combine to split the light and it frees the people from the cages they are in! YAY!

There are variations on this ending...

How to get Lots of Points

Try to get as many of the hidden items as possible because they increase in value the more you get. Try to get the little diamonds in order so that you get secret rooms. Then kill the boss to get your big diamond and also get the big diamond and big item in the secret room for extra points.

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