Rainbow Islands Advanced Information

Secret Rooms

If you collect all the diamonds on an island in order from left to right (i.e. red orange yellow green blue indigo violet) then a door will appear on the boss screen. If you don't want to fight the boss then go through the door and you'll get your big diamond in the secret room. You'll also get a big special item that'll give you a special permanent power. The secret code that is written in the secret room can be typed in at the title screen when starting a game to get a special effect (usually the effect of the big special item in that room). If you want more points, kill the boss and get that diamond then go into the secret room and get that one too.

Title Screen Cheats

These codes can be typed in at the title screen (while the Rainbow is cycling through its colours). They are given to you in the secret rooms and give you the effect of the item in that room if you use them. (L = Left, R = Right, U = Up, D = Down, B = rainBow, J = Jump, S = Start (1 player button)) When you put your coin in, an item should appear in the bottom left corner depending on which cheat you used. Unlike Bubble Bobble, it seems that you can't use more than one cheat in the same game. ;-(

BLRBJSBJ Permanent fast running
RJSBJSBR Permanent double rainbows
SSSLLRRS Permanent fast rainbows
LBSJRLJL Continue after fifth Island
RRLLBBJS All hidden items are money bags (10000 pts)
RRRRSBSJ Both above two
SRBJSLSB 10m points

In-Game Hints

The hints that the sceptres (and the hint codes) give are:

Hint A The riddle of the shilver door
If you collect 7 little diamonds in order red, orange, yellow...., the secret shilver door of the boss-room will appear!!
Hint B The secret of the big diamonds
If you collect 7 little diamonds, you will find a big diamond. This is the key to the miracle power. Anyhow, let's clear the 7th world...
Hint C The riddle of the 3 mirrors
After the first miracle, get the 3 mirrors in another world! Then the 2nd miracle will happen. Anyhow, let's clear all round!!

New: The hints on the secret Islands, from collecting sceptres in the Extra version (Japanese screenshots for hints D and E sent by Moon, translated by Yoneda Mitsunori. Screenshot and translations (including the comments and explanations) for hint F sent by Sano.)

Hint D When you clear all 10 secret rooms, you will get 500,000 pts bonus with some continuantions, or 10,000,000 pts bonus without any continuantions. You will get much more bonus if you never get power-up items (1-9)! You will get 1,000,000 pts in each secret room. In addition, you will get 50,000,000 pts if you miss all items (1-9)! There still be another secret bonus, you will get 3,000,000 pts bonus if you clear 40th stage without any power-up commands nor power-up items. Let's try to earn 100,000,000 pts! (screenshot)
Hint E All secret commands are changed. There are 13 secret commands. A command in a secret room is displayed the first character and another character only, and the other characters are hidden. In this case, "another" character is chosen in relation to the color of something. Solve the secret code in HINT F! (screenshot)
Hint F The power-up items (secret room) is related to something. If you know it, increase fun by strategy. Solve the puzzle PUPULBNEBOUHIDEGONMONSARUNKNVADERMIGHT.

Comments on this:
As we know from hint D, we can get bonus points if we do not collect any power-up items. The solution to the puzzle calculated because the string of letters is actually the names of all the Bubble Bobble monsters, with a letter missing in each. So find the missing letters:

PUPUL-PULPUL (letter is L)
BNEBOU-BANEBOU (letter is A)
MONSA-MONSTA (letter is T)
RUNK-DRUNK (letter is D)
NVADER-INVADER (letter is I)
MIGHT-MIGHTA (letter is A)

So, the power-up item is attached to the LAST DIAmonds which you get during worlds. As we know by Hint E, most characters for the secret commands are hidden. So you have to clear seven times if you want to know the counter-up code (which is RRSSJJJJ).

DIP Switches

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