Space Quest - The Sarien Encounter

Ultimate Solution for Original EGA Version

Here is the Space Quest solution that will give you full points (or more, due to a little loophole aboard the Deltaur!) The points that you should have at each step are given in [] after each piece of point-scoring action. Generally, north is up, south is down, west is left and east is right.

I've split it up into sections to which you can jump if you want to:

The Arcada

As usual you're not being a very good janitor and are sleeping in a broom closet. That may be a good thing in this case though, as your space ship the Arcada is under attack and you've avoided being shot by the Sariens.

When you've come out of the closet, walk left and you'll enter the library. If while walking around you get told that you hear footsteps, quickly go through a door or go off the edge of the screen because if you don't you'll be caught and shot. Go out through the door to the left and left down the corridor to find the dead crew member. Search him and take his keycard [1]. Go back to the library... an old man should stumble in through the right hand door and fall to the floor. Look at the man and he should talk to you, telling you that people are stealing the Star Generator and says "astral body" [3]. Go to the cartridge retrieval unit and enter "astral body" (sans quotes). Take the cartridge [8], but don't try to insert it in the computer or you'll be killed.

Now you have to escape the Arcada before it explodes. Go left and then down the elevator then right. You can have a look in the Star Generator room on the way (the broken door) and look at the monitor at the north wall which will tell you how long you have before the ship destructs (from the start of the game till boom time is about 20 minutes). Take the down elevator, then head to the right. Look at the console in front of the shuttle bay window and press the open button [10]. Go right and slide the keycard through the slot [12] then enter the elevator.

Press the left button on the wall at the back and take the gadget from the closet [14] and turn it on. Press the right button and get the suit [16]. Go to the console at the bottom and press the airlock button. Leave through the airlock to the left. Push the platform button on the console [17] and enter the pod. Wear your seat belt. Push the power button. Close the door. Pull the throttle and you'll launch, escaping the Arcada [32]. Press the autonav button [34] and in a short while the system will find a planet on which to land.


Remove your seat belt and look at the pod. Take the survival kit [36] and leave the pod. Look at the kit to retrieve the dehydrated water and Xenon Army Knife from it. Look at the pod and take the piece of glass [39]. Walk to the right (you'll die if you go any other way). As you are travelling, be sure to drink from the dehydrated water bottle whenever it warns that you are getting thirsty. Travel a few screens to the right until you see a path winding up the side of a cliff. Follow the path and you'll come to a bridge. Cross the bridge and wait next to the rock on the other side. A spider droid will land on the ground beneath and push the rock onto it when it's under you. (For reference, look at the bird shaped patch of green ground, and then look at the yellow sand below it. A little underneath it will be a little brown line in the yellow sand representing a "contour" in the surface. You want to push the rock the moment the spider droid steps on that little brown line underneath the green bird shape; save the game so that you can try again it you miss.) [44].

Carry on around the path until you reach a broken arch... walk into the archway [46] and you'll be transported underground. Get the small rock at the right of the cave then go to the left. Walk along the back wall to get past the grate without being eaten and then put the rock on the geyser [50]. Leave through the door which has opened at the back and leave through the back of the next cave as well. Put the glass in the beam [55] and take the path up the back.

In the next cave, dodge the drops coming from the ceiling [58] and carry on to the right. Make sure your dialect translator (gadget) is switched on before walking right again. You'll be told to kill Orat and returned to the surface.

Make your way down the path and then off the back of the screen and then into the cave opening on the right. Throw the dehydrated water at Orat [63] and pick up the piece of him that's remaining [65]. (You can also kill Orat by leading the spider into his cave and letting it kill him if you don't kill the spider earlier.) Make your way back up to the arch on top of the ridge and back to the alien's chamber. When told to, drop the Orat part [75] and walk forward.

The people will give you a skimmer, but first put the cartridge into the console at the back of the room [80]. Take the cartridge [85] and enter the skimmer. Turn the key and you'll be taken to the surface... dodge the rocks and you're on your way to Ulence Flats [110].

Ulence Flats

Firstly, get your key and leave the skimmer. When someone offers you money for the skimmer, refuse the offer. Wander around and when he makes another offer (money plus a jetpack), accept it [115]. Go north one screen. You'll see the side of a building. Walk around the back end so you are partially out of view to yourself. Search the ground and you'll find five more buckazoids (grab them, obviously). Go south again, go into the bar and buy a beer and drink it. Buy (and drink) one more beer. Now give the bartender your coupon (the game box has two little blue coupons in it, which are hints telling you that Roger is carrying two coupons even though they aren't listed in inventory). You'll get five buckazoids (hence getting the money you spent on the previous 2 beers back plus one extra buck) and a free beer. Drink the free beer and you'll hear someone mention seeing the Sarien ship the Deltaur in sector HH [120].

Now we need some more money, so go to the slot machine. Play until you break the bank and make B$250. Someone will offer to sell you something if you go behind the bar; don't go. Go left to Tiny's Used Spacecraft. Don't buy the ships on that screen; go to the back and buy the only ship on the screen behind [124]. As Tiny said, you'll need a droid to fly the ship so go right to Droids B Us. Buy the droid on the right at the back [128] and then head back to the ship that you bought. Enter the ship and push the load button to load the droid. Tell him to head for sector HH and soon you'll be in view of the Deltaur [153].

The Deltaur

Wear the jetpack and leave the ship. Fly to the middle of the door, open it and go inside. Wait until a droid enters the airlock and leave when the door opens for it [154].

Open the chest and put your jetpack inside it. Push the chest so that it's underneath the grate then stand on the chest and open the grate. Enter the grate [156] an crawl to the left. Climb the ladder and then into the tunnel to the right. Kick the grate at the end and then open it and exit into the laundry room [157]. (This can also be done by climbing inside the chest [157] and waiting until someone picks you up and drops you off in the laundry room.)

This is where you can get extra points. If you want to get up to to 160 points instead of 157, open the chest and put your jetpack inside as usual. Then enter the grate [156] and get out. Open the chest and hide inside it [157]. After it is carried to the laundry room, get on top of it again and open and enter that grate [159], then get out of the grate back into the laundry room [160]. You've gained 3 points! (You should have 3 points more than all the scores inside [] from now on.)

Open the washing machine and enter it [162] then exit when you've been washed up. Now you're in a Sarien uniform, with a Sarien ID in the pocket (look at the uniform to put the ID in your inventory). Leave to the right and talk to the guard who appears [163]. Keep talking to him until he asks if you have played King's Quest 2 (You might have to talk quite a number of times.) Say "yes" [168]. Try to kiss him [169]. Enter the left elevator and head left when you get out. Take the elevator to the upper level and head right until you reach the armoury. Show your ID to the droid and when he goes to get your gun, steal a grenade from the counter [170]. The droid will give you your gun [173] then head left.

Drop the grenade on the guard [178]. Go and show your ID to the droid in the armoury again and get another grenade when it leaves [179]. There's nothing you can do with it, so drop it in the same place you dropped the first one if you want to get it out of your inventory (or just hold on to it, if you prefer).

Head back to the lift on the left. When you get to that screen you'll trip and lose your helmet. After losing your helmet you'll be attacked if caught, so if you see a guard shoot him [182]. Be sure to encounter and shoot at least one guard for the points. You can't shoot droids, you have to avoid them (walk off screen and then return, be sure to be wary when walking offscreen to shoot any guard on the screen you walk off to).

Go the the Star Generator room. Search the body and you'll find a remote control [185]. Press the button [188] to deactivate the shield around the Generator. Look at the console and enter the destruct code (6858) [198]. Head back to the lift, enter it and then enter the right hand lift [199]. Enter the shuttle and press launch [202/202] (or [205/202] if you took the extra points).

Congratulations! The Deltaur explodes and you save everyone! You either have full points or MORE than full points!

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