Space Quest II - Vohaul's Revenge

Ultimate Solution

Here is the Space Quest II solution that will give you full points at the end. The points that you should have at each step are given in [] after each piece of point-scoring action. Generally, north is up, south is down, west is left and east is right.

I've split it up into sections to which you can jump if you want to:

The Space Station

You'll start off sweeping an outside deck of the space station. Your watch will emit a beeping sound. Take a look at it, press the 'C' button [1] and the others if you want to. Then take a walk up the wall and head for the hatch in the centre of the ceiling [2] and you will be taken inside. Get your normal suit [3], then open your locker and take out your cubix rube [4] and athletic supporter [5].

Go out through the door and let your boss shout at you. Get onto the striped platform and then enter the transport tube. Get out at the other end and enter the parked space ship [10]. You will be knocked out, taken to Sludge Vohaul and then taken off by some guards. You'll end up crashing in a forest.

On the Planet

Search the guard that you landed on and take the keycard [13]. Go over to the crashed ship and push the button to stop the beeping noise [14]. Go off the screen to the north, avoiding the trap that can be seen outlined on the ground. Then go to the east and rescue the guy that got caught in the rope [19]. Go back west and then west again. Pick up one of the spores [23] but be careful not to get too close to them and knock them. Go north and complete the maze, being very careful not to touch the roots. Pick some of the berries [27] and then get back out through the maze [31].

Go south and then back east and then up the ramp and west, getting to the post box on the upper level. In your pocket will be a form, put this in the slot [33] and wait. A whistle will arrive, pick it up [35]. Sometime a hovercraft will arrive, perhaps before this. Hide in some bushes until it is gone [40].

Go to the edge of the swamp (East from the upper path), rub the berries on yourself [43] and get into the swamp, walking to the eastern edge of the screen. The swamp monster will leave you alone. On the next screen, go to the northern edge of the screen, just a bit east of the centre. The swamp will be deeper and you will be forced to swim. Hold your breath [45], swim down and to the west then get out of the water into the cave [47] and get the gem [50]. Take another breath [52] and swim back out.

Then go to the east and climb the dead tree that is at the edge of the chasm [55] and walk across to the east and walk through the trees to the east. You'll get caught by a nasty hunter beast and he'll put you in a cage. Yell at him twice. On the second time he will come towards you. When he is fairly close, throw the spore at him [60] and get his key [62]. Unlock the cage and get out. Take the rope that's on the rock [64] and head off the north end of the screen, behind some bushes. On the next screen, stay close to the bottom and head off to the west. If you wander too far from the edge, you will be seen and shot.

In the Chasm

Head west again, tie the rope to the log that's over the chasm [66], and climb down. Swing on the rope [68] and let go at the right time [73], taking care not to be caught by the vicious beast. Go west into the cave and use the gem for light [75]. You'll fall down a tunnel and come out in the bottom of the canyon. Listen to the guys talk and then follow then, remembering to pick up your gem again [76]. When you want to go, say 'the word' to the man [79] and he'll let you out.

In the tunnels, put the gem in your mouth to get some light. Go east as far as you can, then down then east then down all the way, then west all the way, then down and then east until you enter a cave with a waterfall in it [99]. Swim out to the east and go with the river. Take the second turn of the river, you will be spat out into a pool [104].

Leaving the Planet

Get out of the pool to the east. Blow the whistle [109] and a vicious terror beast will arrive. Throw him the cubix rube [119] to keep him occupied and leave through the hole he made in the rock to the north, picking up the small rock that is left in the rubble [121]. Throw the rock at the guard with the supporter [141]. You can also just sneak around the left to the elevator whent he guard is not watching, or you can throw the rock into the bushes to distract him but these less ingenious efforts will be awarded with fewer points.

Put the keycard that you got from the guard after the crash in the slot [146] and enter the elevator. Get into the ship. Set the control to vertical, push the power button and start the thrusters. Keep going up until you get into space [166]. Set the controls to horizontal and fly around a bit. Then Vohaul will take control of your ship and bring it to his asteroid.

Vohaul's Asteroid

You'll end up in Vohaul's asteroid. Take the path west or east, it doesn't make much difference and get into the elevator. Go to all the other levels and collect all you can: plunger [167], glass cutter [168], toilet paper [169], basket [170] and the lighter [171]. Take care not to get flattened by the floor polisher (run away), squashed by the monster with the big fist (walk on the bottom of the screen) or kissed by the amorous Alien (run away).

Go back up to the top level where your ship is and take the path that leads south. You will be trapped. Stick the plunger onto the wall [181] and grab hold of it, but not too soon otherwise you won't be able to hold on for long enough [191]. After everything is back to normal, put the paper in the basket [192], drop the basket [193] and light the paper [203]. This will trigger the fire alarm and cause it to rain on the robots, s(h)orting them out.

Go east, into Vohaul's chamber. Go up the stairs towards him and he will shrink you and put you in a glass bell jar or something similar. Use the glass cutter to get out [208] and climb through the vent on the wall. Push the button to stop Vohaul's life support system [218] and then climb back out. Go off the screen to the left and you will see a computer terminal. Switch it on and type enlarge. Run back to your glass prison and you will be enlarged. Search Vohaul and you will see the letters 'SHSR' on his hand. Look at the console and then type these letters in to stop the launch of the salesman clones [228].

Take the stairs off the east end of the screen. Open the box and get out the mask [230]. Wear it. Follow the glass passage into another proper corridor. Go west a few times. Very quickly, press the button to open the nearest pod and enter it before the robot can get to you [240].

Launch the pod and escape the exploding asteroid. When you get the message about the oxygen supply, open the sleep chamber and enter it [250/250].

If you type "cheat" during the game, it will end and you'll have [255/250] points but it's not quite as much fun, is it? ;-)

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