Space Quest 6 - The Spinal Frontier

As-Ultimate-As-Possible Solution

This Space Quest VI solution will give you 501 points which is slightly over the supposed maximum points, but only because it finds three "accidental" points to make up for the two points that are actually missing in the gameplay. After replaying the game and a lot of hunting around the web in 2015, I found that the hint book says that there are 500 points available and lists the steps to get them, but there are two errors: One of the steps that should give 1 point gives nothing and one step that should give 3 points only gives 2. So there are two missing points and the maximum that you can get is 498. Unless you use a loophole that is explained later on in this walkthrough to get to 501 points!

The points that you should have at each step are given in [] after each piece of point-scoring action but there could well be some that I've missed. Generally, north is up, south is down, west is left and east is right.

I've split it up into sections to which you can jump if you wish:

Polysorbate LX

To get out of the tight situation in which you seem to find yourself, grab onto the tall, humanoid robot when he walks past [10]. Now that you're free, have a look at the bicycle that's leaning against the pole and take the ID card off it [13]. Have a look around. The rather shabby town isn't very big so it's hard to get lost. The places of interest are the liquor store, the arcade, the bar (Orion's Belt), the hotel and the "Implants 'n Stuff" shop. While you're wandering around, a mobile photo booth will appear. Put a coin into the booth and get some photographs [16]. Now we're going to be cunning - paste one of the photographs of yourself onto the ID card [21].

Wander around a bit more and you'll find a guy in a trench coat wandering around. Talk to this guy (you'll have to try twice) [22]. He'll tell you he needs you to track down an endodroid and will give you a datacorder to help you find it [23]. Sounds dangerous. Go to the hotel and talk to the manager (twice) [24]. Apparently you'll need some money to get into the hotel, so let's go and catch that endodroid!

(Endodroid saga starts here) What we need to do here is freeze the endodroid and then smash him into pieces. This is possible with some impromptu plumbing in the bar thankfully, so let's get to it. Go to the bar and go to the right of the screen (the screen will scroll to the right if you walk far enough). Kick in the door [27] and go down the stairs. The endodroid is here! If you look at the datacorder in your inventory now and turn it on, the proximity meter will be on maximum. No points for doing that though. Quickly pick up the rod on the floor [30] and head back upstairs before the endodroid turns you inside out. We have to find some way of dealing with him.

Go upstairs on the elevator platform. If the waitron is around, you can steal a buckazoid off its tray when it isn't looking [33]. You can do this multiple times (no more points though) but no more than 19 times. Show your "security" ID card to the group of guys in the corner and they'll run off [36]. Get their hoses [37] and then untangle them to make a long hose [39]. Grab the nitro cannister [40], drag it to the conduit on the right and attach it [45]. This conduit feeds down into the bar, but that is not quite what we need; we need some way of redirecting that into the basement where the endodroid is.

Go downstairs and order any drink that the barman offers [46]. Show your ID to the barman [49] and then order the "special" [54]. This takes a long time to make, so while the barman is busy, go behind the bar, open the fridge and get the ice tray from it [57]. Then turn the valve on the third pipe on the wall [62] then pull the pipe below the valve [67]. Attach your long hose to the leftmost valve on the left on the bar, then attach the other end to the pipe that you've just opened behind the bar [72]. This plugs the conduit from upstairs where the nitro cannister is into the conduit that leads down into the basement where the endodroid is.

Go upstairs and turn the tap on the nitro on [75], come back down and go through the door on the very right of the bar area. Hit the frozen endodroid with the pole that you picked up earlier [80]. Sweep up the little pieces with your brush [85] then put the pieces in the ice tray [88]. Go back up, put the ice tray in the fridge [93], take it out again and leave the bar.

During this whole process, the barman might disconnect your hose from the conduits behind the bar when he finishes mixing the drink. If he does this the you'll have to ask for the special again, reconnect and continue. Save before you start though, because sometimes the nitro will run out if he disconnects the hose.(Endodroid saga ends here)

Give the tray to Blaine [113] who will (somewhat reluctantly) give you your money. Unfortunately, the money that you have isn't enough to get you into the hotel. Go to the arcade and play a game of Stooge Fighter 3 against the nasty looking alien aptly named Djurkwad. You'll realise it's impossible to win the game, but don't worry you'll be able to do so soon. Wander around and you'll find Elmo Pug in a very sad state (remember him from SQ3?). Talk to him [114] then go to the liquor store to get the brandy that he wants. In the store, click on ET's finger quite a few times until you eventually pull it [119]. Give money to Pa to buy the brandy [124] then go and find Elmo lying in a puddle. Talk to him and he'll take the brandy [131]. He'll give you a Stooge Fighter cheat sheet [134] and the fish from the bottle of brandy. Eventually he'll finish talking [135] and you can read the cheat [140] (says to press buttons ABBACACA on the game... maybe someone doesn't like Abba).

Go to the arcade, challenge Djurkwad to a game and win [147] (using the cheat of course - press the machine's buttons in the right order when you're on the fighter choice screen). He'll give you lots of money, so head for the hotel. Give the money to the manager and pick up your access card [150]. Go up the elevator and use your access card on your room door [153]. Two goons will appear and drag you off...


You're lying on the floor, all tied up. Try to get the key on the wall [158]. You fail, but now try to get the nail that the key was hanging on [161] and use it to undo the cuffs [166]. Pull the Pelvis rug off the wall (pull twice) [171], then pick it up [172] and put it on the floor. Walk (dance around) on it [177] and then touch the metal socket on the back of Singent's neck [182]. He gets zapped and you can take the key from him [183].

Keep looking through the CDs on the desk until you find Popular Tektronics [186]. Put the disk into the computer [189] and read what it has to say. Get the "burlesque" moddie [190] that's on top of the humidifier and get the datacorder from the desk. Use the keycard on the door [193] and go through. Get the "churlish" moddie from the box on the floor [194] and take the label off it [197]. Put the "churlish" label onto the "burlesque" moddie [200] and then give it to Nigel [203].

When Nigel's finished his show, pick up his belt [206]. Take the damping field actuator off the belt [207] and also the groomer [208]. Use the actuator [211] and go outside. Open the datacorder and rearrange the components to make a homing beacon and switch it on [231]. You're told how to do this via a puzzle in the Popular Janitronics magazine that comes with the game. It takes quite a bit of thinking to get it done, so here is the answer if you don't want to think too hard:

Deepship 86

Thanks to your ingenuity in creating the homing beacon, you are rescued. You end up in the sick bay of the space ship Deepship 86 where you are, of course, a janitor. Get the hair off the groomer [236] and put it on the DNA analyser. Talk to Jebba [237] and put the hair on the DNA analyser again. Press the button to scan it [242], then press "imprint datacart" and get the cart [243]. Use the cart on the compost in the corner [246] and then use the compost to activate the intraship transport to take you to your quarters.

Firstly, have a look around at all the things in your cabin that you've collected during previous adventures. When you've seen enough, use your compost [249] and go to the transporter room to get taken to Delta Burksilon V. Choose "quarters" and you'll arrive in Sharpei's cabin. Do your janitorial duty and use the mop [252] then wiggle the commode [253] and get medicine [256]. To escape, grab the piston on the side of the bed [259] and use it to keep the door open [264].

Unfortunately, Stellar doesn't make it and you end up at her funeral. Read the eulogy [267] and then go back to your cabin. Use your compost and find the message from Stellar who apparently isn't dead! [270]. You can go to the bridge and talk to Captain Kielbasa about the message but he won't pay much attention [271].

Have a look through the "entity database" on the compost. Most of it's quite amusing and some of it's even useful. Write down the holosuite number for the Vulgar nerve pinch when reading about the Vulgars. Go to the holosuite and enter the number (5551212) [274].

Armed with this cunning information, head back to the sick bay and get a syringe from the cabinet near the right middle of the room [277]. Go to the shuttle bay and grab the little guard with the Vulgar nerve pinch [280]. You'll end up in a cell. Luckily, you'll have food delivered. Take it all [281]. Put the kabobs on the ear-thing [282], then add that to the rack of orat, add that to the rolls, add that to the tubers, add the melon and finally the spaghetti [283].

Wait for Dorf to return and when he's looking at the other cell, put the food-person on the bed [289] and hide in his trolley. He'll move the trolley out of the cell and you can escape. Go back to the shuttle bay and inject your donut with the syringe [292] then but it on the plate. The big guard will eat the donut [295] and once he's incapacitated, do the Vulgan nerve pinch on the little guy again [298]. Get the keys from the little guy [299]. We still can't get into the bay though, as the buttons are too far apart.

Use the compost to get to 8-rear. Talk to Sydney who's sitting alone at a table. Talk to him until he gives you his arm [302] and his eye [305]. Go back to the shuttle bay and use Sydney's arm on the doors [308]. Use the alarm button on the shuttle keys to find it [311]. Enter the shuttle and get and read the recall notice in the back pocket of the left seat [312]. Sit down. Open the glove box and get the pump [313], glue [314] and tape [315].

Push the power button. Use the ICD to change the fuel to Lanthanum, Sulphur and Silver and the catalyst to Neon, leaving the confirmation code Lasagne (comes from the confirmation code lasagne - La S Ag Ne are the chemical symbols for those elements - I guess that's why the answer to last week's competition in Popular Janitronics is the periodic table). Initiate and use Sydney's eye for the retina scan [322] - it works [325].

Lost In Space

The shuttle stalls. Push the flashing blue button to activate Manuel Auxveride [330]. Get up and open the panel on the right of the shuttle. Open the datacorder and remove the crystal [331]. Put glue on the little crystal [332] and on the big crystal [333] then attach the little crystal to the big one [338] and close the panel. Go to the cockpit and open the shuttle's trunk [341] and hood [344]. Then get the helmet [345] and EVA suit [346] from the tall panel on the right and wear them. Open the airlock and leave the shuttle.

Get the jumper cables [347] and the help sign [348] from the trunk. Use the sign on the ship [349]. A woman will arrive to jump you. She'll give you one end of the jumper cables and you have to attach them to the correct terminals [354] (it told you which they were on the recall notice). Get the fish from the intake [355] and get back into the shuttle. Initiate and get out of there.

Lost in Cyberspace

When you get to Delta Burksilon, take the elevator to Lab A. Talk to Doctor Beleauxs there [358]. Search around in the box of "hi-tek stuff" and get the moddie [359]. Go back to your ship. Put the power on and press the PTS button. Push the button that lights up to take a photo. Take the photo and push the button again to get another photo. Take one photo apart [360] and the other too [361] and put the positive from the first photo along with the negative from the second photo on the PTS screen [366]. Initialise and head for Polysorbate LX.

Talk to Manuel and ask him to beam you down. Walk to "Implants and Stuff" (remember Fester Blatz from SQ3 as well?). Show the moddie to Blatz and ask to exchange it for a cyberspace jack [369]. Beam back up and head back to Delta Burksilon V and Lab A. Go to the computer, select cyberspace and insert the jack [372].

Now you're on the information highway. What a dump. There is really only one way that you can go, so keep going until you get to the office [377]. Get the screwdriver [378] and the board [379]. Go inside the office (eeew it's Office '91) and ring the bell [382]. Get a number like you're told to [383]. Open the number changer and twiddle it with the screwdriver [388]. Ring the bell again and you'll be taken to the file room [391].

First look for Nigel Rancid's file. The drawer that it's in (first R draw) is quite high up so you'll have to make steps out of other draws to get it [393]. Get the file for Beleauxs (3rd B drawer) [395]. Get the file for Sharpei (above first with bullet hole so you'll need to make steps again) [397]. Get Stellar Santiago's file (second row, second drawer S) [399]. Get file for Project: Immortality (top P drawer in 3rd row; even more steps) [401].

Leave the file area and print all the files with the printer icon [404]. Leave the office and this time use the plank on the gap in the highway [407] you can get back more quickly. When you're back in the lab, get the printouts from the right hand side of the desk and show them to Beleauxs [410]. He'll agree to help you [411].

Lost in Inner Space

You're shrunk and transported inside Stellar to save her. Get your EVA suit and helmet from the locker, put on just the suit, and exist the ship. First get the capillaries from the shuttle's wing [414], alveoli from the front of the shuttle [417]. Go down the ulcer hole into her stomach. Get the staple [418], the candy [419], the celery string [420] and the feather [421]. Put the candy into the acid to try to get rid of the nanites [426], but it doesn't work.

Attach the staple to the celery string [428]. Climb back up the stomach wall but don't leave through the hole. Use use the staple as a grappling hook to get to the hole in the middle and climb up [431]. Climb up further past the Twinkie and try to get the tablet [434]. Use the feather on the wall to dislodge the Twinkie and tablet [437].

Leave through the hole to the left (into the duodenum) and go down, then into the hole on the right. Take the tube upwards to the gall bladder. Use the tape on the capillaries and make a tube [440]. Use the pump to pump bile into the helmet [443]. Leave and after your narrow escape, pick up some of the little gall stones [444]. Go to the right and the passage is too narrow. Put the alveoli in the blockage [447] and inflate them with your mouth [450]. Go to the right and get some pancreatic fluid [453] in your helmet then put the mixture on the tablet in the stomach [456]. Get a little pill [457].

To get three extra points, go back and get some more pancreatic fluid in your now-empty helmet [460]. If you decide not to do this, then your point count for the rest of the walkthrough will be three points lower than what is displayed here.

Go back to the duodenum and keep going down until you find the tape worm but don't get too close yet. Give it the little pill [463] and jump onto it [466]. Leave to the right and get the paper clip [467], finger nail [468] and a bit of the silver tooth filling [469]. Ride the worm back and go back to the shuttle. Put the silver filling on the shuttle near the flashing red light to repair the tank [474] then enter the shuttle (can be a bit hard to find the door).

Put the nanite disk into the subroutine slot [477] (the disk is in your inventory - Beleaux gave it to you). Initialise and when you get to the brain, get into your suit and leave the shuttle. Make a hole in the layer of stuff that you're walking on with the nail [480]. Walk across the brain to the left. You'll get to a gap - jump by clicking the walk icon a lot and then climb up by doing the same thing [483].

You'll find some mega-nanites here. You have to get rid of them. Go as far back into the "background" as you can. Throw a gall stone at one nanite, then the other and then the first again and they'll fight each other [488]. You have to be in the right "hiding" place to do this - just keep trying.

Go down the elevator and look at the signs on different bits of the brain. When you find the cough control area, use the paperclip to poke it [491]. Keep going down and you'll get to a big room. Click the hand icon on the gap in the rubbish where you can see light. When you can move, use the paperclip on the sparking nerves [496]. Sharpei's brain reappears though, intent on doing away with Roger. Give the fish (at last!) to her brain [501] and eventually Sharpei meets her demise! Stellar is revived and everyone lives happily ever after... at least until SQ7 if it ever happens.

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