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Bubble Bobble Interesting Things

This is a list of interesting information that people have sent in over the years.

Bubble Bobble Arcade: 250 credits

Jorge A. Bernat C. emailed us with the way to get 250 credits on 2006/11/23, which sounds difficult to achieve but he can't quite remember how it worked. If anyone has any information, please let us know:

I'm Jorge, me with my friend have finished Bubble Bobble a hundred times... since the biggining in the late 80's we where told about the 256 credits trick.

Everytime we finished the game in two player, there's a screen that says "Write 8 big words on a paper". It stays there for fair enough time to make the at the same time, 8 power up and 8 original game... I explain! Player one makes 8 power up in a row, at the same time player 2 makes 8 original game code... the big troubble is that both share the 1up botton... and that there is fairly enough time to doit, so it must be very quick... (O.K. you look like an idiot and is the most stressing moment, because you can do it once and can't fail) The thing is that only once happened, the game titles continued, but now the title screen was Super Bubble Bobble, and 256!!! (yes 256) credits. (The bad side is that you can't play with the power up and original game) Inlevel one to 5 you had cranes with the giant diamonds...

I want to know if you know the requirements to do it again... (i've heard that player 2 musn't die till level 50's warp door) how can i make it again... thanks...

Bubble Bobble Arcade infinite lives

Sam Geoghegan sent this on 2008/04/14:

I seem to remember getting infinite lives on the actual machine. This only happened once and I can't quite remember how; all I remember is that I used to put in two credits and only play with player two (and let player one die) because it allowed me to continue. During this particular incident, I think I finished the game and as the credits came up, I may have tried to enter the original game/power up codes. But whatever happened, I received infinite lives. This all ended though when somebody joined in as player one and the credits became limited.

Super Bubble Bobble Arcade: 255 credit bug

Marco Tucceri emailed us with this bug in Super Bubble Bobble on 2017/03/06:

I was an avid gamer of this game and sometimes during gameplay appeared the push 1 or 2 player button screen superimposed to the current level.
Pressing 1 or 2 player button game restarted from level 1 and you could play with 254 or 255 credits available!
I saw this bug twice on a real arcade machine and once in MAME.
It means that it isn't an electrical or emulation bug and it's related to the game software or to the hardware architecture.
Bug could be totally random and I was not able to identify the root cause.

Maximum of five lives for Player One

Alex Weir pointed out on 2010/10/12:

Doesn't Player One only ever get FIVE men only, no matter how many E-X-T-R-A bubbles you burst?

Heart in secret room

Sam Geoghegan sent this picture in on 2008/11/01. There is a heart visible on the Super Drunk statue in the first secret room. Never did figure out what it is for:

Heart in secret room
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