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Bub Bubbling Compiled by Stephen Tjasink and Paul Rahme Bob Bubbling

What is Bubble Bobble?

Bubble Bobble is a seriously cute, dangerously addictive platform game released by Taito in 1986. You play the part of one of a pair of cute bubble-blowing dinosaurs who have to battle off the baddies to rescue their girlfriends. It was one of the first two-player arcade games, which made it even more fun.

The aim of the game is to get rid of the enemies on each stage in order to advance to the next stage. This continues until stage 100, where you meet the Big Baddy. The primary method of getting rid of the enemies is blowing bubbles at them and jumping on them when they're trapped in the bubbles. Of course, there is a lot more to it than this.

You can pick up items to help you in your quest. The items will either give you points or have some special function. As a rule, two items appear on each level: one points item and one special item with the points item making the first appearance. Other items appear as extra reward for killing enemies in strange and wonderful ways.

But you probably know about Bubble Bobble already otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

Why are these pages here?

This page is an attempt to collate as much information about Bubble Bobble as is possible. There turned out to be a few other similar pages but we went ahead anyway. Most of the information applies to the arcade version of the game. Anyway, now that the MAME arcade machine emulator supports Bubble Bobble you don't need any other versions. ;-) A lot of the information here was discovered by playing the game over and over. Where information has been taken from elsewhere, we've said so. Most of those places will be in the links section so you can go there as well if you want to do so. :-)

Sometimes "I" refers to Stephen, other times to Paul. It seemed a bit presumptuous always to use the "royal we" so we didn't. ;-)


This is where all the info is. Doesn't look like much from here but hopefully it'll be more interesting if you click on one of the links. ;-)

diamondCollection of basic information
diamondCollection of advanced information
diamondList of all points items
diamondList of all special items
diamondInfo on all the levels
diamondList of differences in other versions
diamondInteresting Information sent in by readers
diamondLots of info compiled by Chris Moore who worked on the MAME driver for Bubble Bobble

Sequels and Related Games...

Quite a number of games have risen from the original Bubble Bobble. These include Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars, Bubble Symphony, Bubble Memories and the Puzzle Bobble (or Bust-a-Move) series. It's not part of the Bubble Bobble "series" as such, but Bubble Bobble seems to have descended from a long-forgotten game known as Chack'n Pop.


Firstly, related pages that I've made (just one at the moment):
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There used to be loads of Bubble Bobble pages on the web. Here are links to some that still exist:

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A list of people who've helped is here.


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