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Bubble Bobble Special Items

All special items appear for a reason. There are a number of counters that count the occurrences of certain events. A special item will appear when the counter on which it depends reaches a certain value. This value sometimes changes depending on the difficulty level. Where these are different for different difficulty levels, they are given as quadruples (easy, normal, hard, very hard). Where the value is the same for all difficulty levels, just one number is given. The item will generally appear on the level after the specified value is reached. Chris Moore found out most of these things from looking at the code and has compiled an info file.


These items give you extra bubbling power or speed.

100 points each

yellow sweetrapid-fire bubblesjump 35 or more times
blue sweetfast-moving bubblespop 35 or more empty bubbles
purple sweetfar-moving bubblesblow 35 or more bubbles
red shoefast runningrun the total of about 15 times across the screen


Umbrellas take you forward a certain number of screens, depending on their colour. This is helpful if you want to get as far as possible but not if you want to get as many points as possible.

200 points each

orange3 screens forwardpop 15 water bubbles
red5 screens forwardpop 20 water bubbles
purple7 screens forwardpop 25 water bubbles


These give you methods of getting more points until the end of the stage. The effect varies depending on the colour of the stone in the ring.

1000 points each

purple500 points per jump3 yellow sweets eaten
red100 points for blowing a bubble3 purple sweets eaten
light blue10 points for moving a step3 blue sweets eaten


2000 points each

purpleexplosion, kills all enemies, makes 6k diamonds(1,1,2,2) umbrellas taken
light blueall rings (points for running, jumping and bubbling)p1 has joined a running game 5 times
yellowall sweets (fast, far and rapid-fire bubbling)(1,2,3,4) clocks collected
redall rings and all sweetsp2 has joined a running game 5 times


3000 points each

blue crosswater flood, makes 7k diamonds (6k if bubbled)(10,11,12,13) special items collected
yellow crossbig lightning, makes 8k diamonds(10,12,14,16) points items collected
red crossfire breathing, makes 9k diamonds(4,5,6,7) enemies drowned by water bubbles

Candy Canes and Treasure Chests

candy canes 500 points each
treasure chests 1000 points each
colourbig itemreason
blue candy canebig blue lollycollect 3 of
brown candy canebig brown lollycollect 3 of
orange candy canebig orangecollect 3 of
red candy canebig watermeloncollect 3 of
yellow candy canebig cup cakecollect 3 of
light blue candy canebig slice of cakecollect 3 of
grey treasure chestbig purple diamondcollect 3 yellow crosses
blue treasure chestbig blue diamondcollect 3 blue crosses
red treasure chestbig red diamondcollect 3 purple lanterns
orange treasure chestbig orange diamondcollect 3 books
pink treasure chestbig pink diamondfinish the game

Find the points values and pictures of the big items that appear here.


Potions immediately remove all monsters from the screen and place a number of items on the screen. You can collect all these items for points until the time runs out (You have 30 seconds). If you manage to collect all the items then you receive a bonus 100000 points. If you're playing a two player game then the player who collects the most gets 100000 points and the other player gets 50000 points. The sort of item that you get depends on the colour of the potion but all the items are worth 500 points.

orangeround orange thingsfall through screen 15 times
redflowersfall through screen 16 times
greenfour-leafed cloversfall through screen 17 times
yellowrainbowsfall through screen 18 times
purplemusic notesfall through screen 19 times

Miscellaneous and Rare Items

clock200gives you infinite time (BvB never appears) in the bootleg versions; in the original version the monsters freeze (but will still kill you if you walk into them)pop 12 lightning bubbles
bomb200explosion, makes 10k diamondspop (10,13,16,19) fire bubbles
silver bell1000chimes whenever a special weapon will appear"hurry up" has appeared (8,10,12,14) times
book3000explosion, makes 8k diamonds (6k if bubbled)(10,12,14,16) enemies killed by fire bubbles
silver ring with small blue stone3000stars fall from sky and turn monsters into 6k diamonds(10,12,14,16) enemies killed by lightning bubbles
flashing Chack'n heart3000enemies freeze and you can run into them to kill them, giving you these items(50,55,60,65) dead-enemy fruits eaten
pink necklace5000bouncing ball kills monsters for 6k diamonds(15,20,25,30) levels started
red necklace400010 free extend letters(15,20,25,30) games started
crystal ball5000makes special items appear more quicklycollected a crown on the previous level
cigar100acts like yellow potion and makes next 3 special items be potions777 levels started
silver door1000takes you to a secret levelreach levels 20, 30 and 40 without having died
gold door3000takes you from level 50 to level 70reach level 50 without having died
skull10the only bad item - causes an immediate "hurry up" in the bootleg versions; in the original version a comet flies across the screen and only the monsters that the comet hits will become angryBaron von Blubba has appeared (30,27,23,20) times
red bubble with yellow pulse100000fire breath for 5 roundsrandom 1 in every 4096 bubbles
lightning potion1000appears on level 100 - lets you blow lightning bubblesalways appears on level 100 and will reappear if you die

Items from Walking into Enemies with Heart

When you get the invincibility heart and run into enemies with it, you get an item (either a fruit or a diamond) when they die. The fruits that appear are worth the same number of points as when they appear for having burst enemies, not for when they appear as random points items.

enemyitemitem value
Invaderpink diamond6000
Drunkblue diamond7000

Cheat Items

These are items that appear when you use the high score cheats.

knife20valuable food items fall from sky and kill enemies, make 6k diamonds
fork20fruit and vegetables fall from sky and kill enemies, make 6k diamonds
can of cola20orange potion items fall from sky and kill enemies, make 6k diamonds
octopus1000all remaining bubbles turn into wooden crosses
flamingo1000all remaining bubbles turn into pink dogs
glass mug1000all remaining bubbles turn into pizzas
wooden cross700created by octopus above
pink dog700created by flamingo above
pizza700created by glass mug above

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