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Bubble Bobble Points Items

This is a list of all the items that just give you points. They're generally arranged in order of ascending point value. If you find any that aren't here please contact us. Also please tell us if any of these items have a special function (i.e. aren't just points items) or think of better names for any of them. The quicker you finish a level, the better points item you'll get on the next level. Also, if you have two players you'll get better points items. All this is explained in-depth in Chris Moore's info file.


These are all the points items that can generally be called food. They actually follow quite an orderly pattern, as the list shows.

10green pepper
90pea pod
150corn cob
200fried egg
250red acorn thingy
650single brown lolly
700double blue lolly
750strawberry shaved ice
800lemon shaved ice
850Japanese tea (Maccha) shaved ice
900Japanese tea and sweep-bean-paste (Ogura-Maccha) shaved ice
950simple white ice cream cone
1000double scoop ice cream cone
french fries
2000sausage on a stick
creme caramel
slice of cake
chicken leg
purple martini
sushi - folded omelet (tamago) on rice block
4000sushi - boiled shrimp (ebi) on rice block
sushi - raw salmon (sake) on rice block
sushi - raw tuna (maguro) on rice block
mug of beer

High Value Points Items

These items are mostly inedible. Except for the rice... and the butterfly. ;-)

5000purple crystals
purple jewel
yellow butterfly
blue crystals
6000blue jewel
necklace with purple pendant
purple shell
7000red jewel
necklace with blue pendant
bowl of rice
8000necklace with red pendant
red crown
red crown with cross
9000blue crown
blue crown with cross
10000gold crown
gold crown with cross


Diamonds appear when enemies are killed in non-standard ways or a large number of enemies in bubbles are popped at the same time. Diamonds that fall at the end of a stage when you've collected a treasure chest are only worth 700 points, irrespective of their colour. :-( All diamonds in the secret levels are worth 10000 points irrespective of their colour. :-)

pointscolourcreated by
6000pinkbouncy necklace, falling stars, water cross when enemies are bubbled
7000bluewater bubbles, water cross
8000yellowlightning bubble, lightning cross
9000orangefire bubble, fire breath, purple lantern

Big Food and Big Diamonds

If you've picked up a candy cane or treasure chest on a screen, a large item will fall down the middle of the screen when the last enemy dies. All bubbles remaining on the screen will turn into small versions of that item that will be worth 700 points. Candy canes will give you a large food item and treasure chests will give you a large diamond. The exact sort depends on the colour of the cane or chest. Find the list of candy canes and chests here.

10000big brown lolly
10000big blue lolly
20000big orange
20000big watermelon
30000big cup cake
30000big slice of cake
40000big purple diamond
50000big blue diamond
60000big orange diamond
70000big yellow diamond
80000big pink-purple diamond

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