Rainbow Islands Special Items

These are items that have some special significance or effect other than just giving you points.

For every third enemy that you kill you'll get a special item instead of a points item. Seven standard powerup items will always appear in the same order and then the 8th will be a different item whose type depends on how many of certain other items you have collected or other things that you've done.

Like with Bubble Bobble, counters are kept with to see which items to give you. These counters are kept after the game finishes and will last until the arcade machine is rebooted (or you exit your emulator).

Standard Powerups

These items give you extra rainbowing power or speed and always appear in the same order.

1red shoe100fast running
2red potion100make an extra rainbow (maximum 3)
3yellow potion100make fast rainbows
4red potion (again)100make an extra rainbow (maximum 3)
5yellow star1007 stars fire upwards to kill enemies
6crystal ball5000enemies become Bubble Bobble characters when they die
7red star20016 stars fire upwards and downwards to kill enemies
8an item from below, depending on what you deserve

Special Powerups

These items have special effects and appear in the 8th slot mentioned above, depending on which one you deserve. They are put into categories of similar items.


Rings just give you extra points until the end of a level. What you have to do to get the points depends on the colour of the ring.

ring with cyan stone100010 points for walking a stepcollected 3 red potions
ring with red stone1000100 points for making a rainbowcollected 3 red shoes
ring with purple stone10001000 points for jumpingcollected 3 yellow potions


The tiaras give you nice ways of killing the monsters with stars.

blue tiara1000stars fall from the sky, just like in Bubble Bobblekilled 120 enemies by dropping rainbows
green tiara2000stars fly out from the end of your rainbow if you jump on it (16 times)protection fairy has killed 20 enemies
red tiara3000stars fly out from you when you jump (8 times)killed 30 enemies with yellow star


The lamps give you points or powerups.

yellow lamp2000all hidden items become 10k point money bagscollect 10 yellow stars
red lamp2000five large money bags fall down (100k each) - catch them while they're fallingcollect 20 red stars (any sort of red star explosion counts)
blue lamp2000gives you all the rainbow powerupscollect 5 goblets


If you pick up a staff then when you jump on your rainbows and crush them, they'll turn into a number of items for you to pick up. This happens 9 times; the type of item depends on the colour of the cane and the points vary as well.

red cane500rainbows make for 400 points when they fallcollect 7 red diamonds
orange cane500rainbows make for 500 points when they fallcollect 7 orange diamonds
yellow cane500rainbows make for 600 points when they fallcollect 7 yellow diamonds
green cane500rainbows make for 700 points when they fallcollect 7 green diamonds
blue cane500rainbows make for 800 points when they fallcollect 7 blue diamonds
indigo cane500rainbows make for 900 points when they fallcollect 7 indigo diamonds
violet cane500rainbows make for 1000 points when they fallcollect 7 violet diamonds


If you pick up one of these bottles then you'll get a large item in the chest at the end of the level along with little items of the same kind. The large item that you get depends on the colour of the bottle but they're all worth 100000 points! The little items are still only worth 500 points.

If you've collected all the little diamonds on an Island and you get a bottle on the 4th stage of that Island then you won't get a big food item, you'll get your big diamond.

red bottle300collect 2 red staffs
orange bottle300collect 2 orange staffs
yellow bottle300collect 2 yellow staffs
green bottle300collect 2 green staffs
blue bottle300collect 2 blue staffs
indigo bottle300collect 2 indigo staffs
violet bottle300collect 2 violet staffs


The sceptres give you hints about finishing the game properly. These hints will appear at the end of the round and can also be obtained by typing in codes at the title screen. The actual hints are given in the in-game hints section.

orange sceptre2000hint Acollect 6 red crowns
blue sceptre2000hint Bcollect 6 blue crowns
yellow sceptre2000hint Ccollect 6 gold crowns
orange sceptre2000hint Dcollect 6 red crowns on secret islands
blue sceptre2000hint Ecollect 6 blue crowns on secret islands
yellow sceptre2000hint Fcollect 6 gold crowns on secret islands

Miscellaneous and Rare Items

rainbow star0extra lifecollected all 7 diamonds 30 times
peacock feather400protection fairy flies around you until the end of the levelhad "Hurry Up!" 6 times
blue goblet500kills all enemies on the screencollected any 15 potions
protection cape1000protects you completely until the end of the leveldied 10 times
balloon1000coloured balloons float up the screen for 16 seconds - jump on them or shoot them for points (10, 20 or 30 depending on the balloon's colour)collected 2 sceptres
bell2000bell rings when you're standing on a hidden item (lasts one round)appears every 20th round
wand2000all hidden items become red starscollected 2 capes
lightning cross3000fires 9 big lightning bolts which kill enemies that they hitcollected 2 rings
rainbow cross3000lets you shoot 4 fast rainbows for the current stagecollected 3 lamps
rainbow potion30004 protective globes surround you, killing enemiesplayed 27 rounds
blue and purple potion3000??
clock3000all monsters freeze for about 10 secondscollected 3 tiaras
book3000gives you wiiiiingscollect 8 red shoes
rainbow necklace5000gives you all 7 diamonds in order instantly77 rounds played since game started
rainbow special10000powerups become permanent when collected (fast rainbow, double rainbow, fast running and fairy!)33 credits have been used
comet10000random effect one of any other item on herecollected 2 crosses


Diamonds appear when enemies are killed by having rainbows dropped on them or being hit by stars. They are all worth 700 points. You need to collect all of them on an Island in order to get big diamonds which are important for the real ending. The colour depends on where on the screen they appear, from left to right: red, orange,yellow, green,blue, indigo and violet. If you collect them in that order then you get access to a secret room on that Island.

Big Diamonds

These appear when you defeat the boss at the end of an Island if you have collected all the little diamonds on that Island. All worth 100,000 points!


Big Items

These appear when you defeat the boss at the end of an Island if you have not collected all the little diamonds on that Island. All worth 100,000 points!

1big beetroot
2big apricot
3big banana
4big green grapes
5big slice of cake
6big bag of money
7big purple grapes

Big Special Items

These items appear in the secret rooms that you can get to if you collect all the diamonds in order. They give you a permanent effect that stays even if you die. Pictures will appear when available.

-big silver doortakes you to the secret room (and out again)
1big shoepermanent fast running
2big red potionpermanent double rainbows
3big yellow potionpermanent fast rainbows
4big wing bookpermanent wings
5big gold doorthere are two of these doors - one with a 7 under it and one with an 8 under it - they will teleport you to Island 7 or 8 respectively
6big peacock featherpermanent protection fairy
7big continue bookallows continue after Island 7
8big gold cointurns all hidden items to gold bags
9big bubblelets you shoot sideways rainbows

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